3 ways how to increase sales on Allegro

Internet sales are increasing year by year. There is also an increasing number of sellers vying for customer portfolios. Allegro, however, gives a lot of opportunities to reach the widest possible group of e-shoppers with its offer.

1. Sell ​​more efficiently with a company account

In practice, creating an account on Allegro takes just a few clicks. However, we assume that since you are looking for ways to increase sales, it is worth making sure that you have made the right decisions.

First of all – it is not worth deciding to open a regular account. A corporate one is a much better solution.

Why? If only because it gives you the opportunity to become a Super Seller and inspires more trust in the eyes of buyers. This also allows you to use more photos in your listing descriptions.

Another issue that is extremely important when setting up an account is the choice of login. The perfect name for an Allegro account should inspire trust. So give up infantile diminutives and endless series of numbers – you can leave them for private logins.

Make sure the name stands out from other sellers and is easy to remember.

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2. Fine-tune your offers

The offers on Allegro consist of many elements. We will now discuss all of them one by one, so that in a few moments you can start increasing your sales.

Allegro auction title

You have 50 characters at your disposal. You must use them in such a way as to include all information that may lead the user to click.

Choosing the wrong keywords will prevent anyone from even seeing your auction. The best method in this case is simplicity. In the title, use words that Allegro users can use to find the product.

Also check what phrases your competitors are using. Try to distinguish yourself from them – it can be as trivial as starting each word with a capital letter.

Product price

There is a price war on Allegro. Offering the lowest prices possible may increase the number of transactions in your account, but is unlikely to be a recipe for increasing your profits.

Unfortunately, there is no one universal recipe for an ever effective pricing strategy on Allegro. When pricing your products, you need to pay attention to at least a few factors as prices of the competition, the cost of the products and the real value that the product gives to customers.

Description of the auction on Allegro

Forget about copying descriptions from producers and uploading them to Allegro. Unless you don’t want to stand out from hundreds of sellers.

Descriptions are crucial for the customer’s decision-making. Writing in benefit language is a huge plus. There is no need to make long stories about what the product is. The customer is interested in answering specific questions that can be summarized in several points that define the advantages of the product. How to choose key information for the client?

Instead, opt for extensive descriptions divided into sections. Each section should start with a header and/or subtitle. This will make it easier for users to scan text and find information of interest to them.

3. Appropriate presentation and buyer feedback

The key to successful sales is having attractive products, skilful pricing and efficient customer service. The company must remember that its goal should not be a one-off sale, but the acquisition of a satisfied customer who will buy again.

It will also be necessary to follow trends and observe the moves of the competition – such a reaserch can teach even a novice seller a lot.

Increasing sales is primarily a skillful marketing and promotion. When shopping online, customers largely make decisions based on photos or graphics. Therefore, it should be ensured that the photos or graphics that are included in the description are on a white background. A thumbnail and product photos should allow buyers to see the product accurately.

You can ask the person who has this product why they chose it? What was important to her in the decision-making process.

Keep in mind the aesthetic elements of the descriptions, such as bullets, proportional paragraph spacing to add clarity to the text, and boldness in the most important places.

Buyer feedback is critical and affects your sales success

It is the opinions that greatly influence the way we are perceived by new users. It pays to rely on the reviews of satisfied customers to gain the trust of others.

Ecommerce sellers are most concerned about negative comments as potential customers read them first. Remember that quick and simple communication with the seller is an important element of building credibility and gaining trust.

Even when the seller has difficulties and has a problem with completing the order. Communication with the customer is the basis of online trading.

Take into account the seasonality of products

When do people buy the most online? Before Christmas, of course. When do they buy garden accessories? Spring. And when are the sun creams and suitcases? In the summer.

Of course, the best option is to choose universal products that maintain high sales throughout the year. However, this is not always possible. On the other hand, it’s just silly to miss the opportunities that the increased interest in the commodities creates.