Fulfillment for e-commerce retailers in Poland

Entering the Polish e-commerce market does not have to be difficult. All you need to do is set up a company, prepare warehouses and start selling through online.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself. Sell ​​in Poland provides assistance in all matters related to distribution and legal sales in the 5th largest e-commerce market in Europe.

Our main task is to properly prepare a solid foundation for your business. Help at every step to ensure that the expansion to Poland go smoothly. We want to be a long-term partner for our customers, offering daily support, so that your products are available on the shelves on time and at the right price.

We know the Polish market and the law

Do you want to set up a company in Poland without any problems with cultural and legal differences? We will help in starting a company, employing employees or supporting specialists (outsourcing).

Because business in Poland does not have to be associated with hours of studying law. We know how to sell in Poland and we will share our knowledge with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fulfillment for you – we store, pack and deliver your goods and shipments

The services undertaken as part of fulfillment include warehousing, picking according to orders – picking, preparation for shipment and delivery of goods to customers or partners. Fulfillment includes all types of goods and sizes of shipments, pallets.

Comprehensive Logistics

All elements of the logistics service overlap and interact with each other. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about comprehensive logistics services without transport, storage or distribution.

We provide services to large corporations, small and medium-sized companies and the so-called start-ups. We focus on supporting activities in online sales when the time of implementation and appropriate storage are important.

Anyone who needs logistics services along with the shipment of goods, including people trading on Allegro.

We meet the comprehensive and individual expectations of each client. In addition to the rental of warehouse and office space, our company specializes in providing comprehensive warehouse logistics services.

Tax Consulting / Tax Assistance

In addition to logistics, an important element is also keeping tax books and supporting tax law. We offer full tax service for companies in Poland. Our employees will take care of the proper accounting of documents and will support with knowledge of the provisions of online stores.

In addition to accountants, our team includes tax advisers who are ready to provide knowledge on the settlement of the work of online stores or sales on Allegro.

Online sales in Poland does not have to be difficult

The Sell in Poland team ensures that you receive help and support at every stage of cooperation. We work in Poland with the best companies from the warehousing, logistics, transport, accounting and legal, marketing and business analysis industries.

We invite you to cooperate and start selling quickly in Poland, also on Allegro.