How to become a Super Seller on Allegro?

The status of a Super Seller is an amazing opportunity for more sales on Allegro. It is associated with the increased prestige of your account, and therefore also with increased trust and interest on the part of buyers. If you want to get this decoration, find out how to become a Super Seller on Allegro!

Super Seller on Allegro – what is it?

What does the name Super Seller on Allegro mean? It is a program intended for the best companies present on the marketplace. Launched in August 2017, its popularity – both among entrepreneurs and consumers – is still growing.

Sellers who achieve this status will receive a special badge visible on all their auctions. It resembles the symbol of Superman. For good reason – for buyers who compare offers from different companies, this mark makes a huge difference.

It proves that the seller receives many positive opinions and fulfills orders efficiently.

What gives you the title of Super Seller?

A positive image in the eyes of consumers is not the only advantage of the Super Seller status. It is also associated with higher positions of offers, if they are sorted by relevance (i.e. by default for Allegro).

Thanks to the distinction, you will also receive access to an additional pool of Allegro Coins and the opportunity to participate in special trainings. Moreover, in the event of any problem, your report or request for help will be given priority.

Is it worth becoming a Super Seller on Allegro?

The status of a Super Seller on Allegro is completely free – the website does not charge any fees for participation in the program. You receive recognition simply for doing your job at the right level.

With your business growing in mind, you do it anyway. So let’s take full advantage of the potential of your efforts and apply for the Super Seller badge.

In a highly competitive Allegro environment, such an advantage is of great importance because it attracts you to new customers. This is undoubtedly one of the absolutely basic – and at the same time the best – ways to increase buyers’ confidence and thus increase sales.

How to become a Super Seller on Allegro?

After meeting what conditions we will get the status of a great seller on Allegro?

  • Have a business account
  • Obtain at least 100 ratings in the last 12 months
  • Get the average of the ratings from the last 30 days at the level of min. 4.95
  • Submit at least one sale offer within 30 days prior to expressing your desire to become a member of the Super Seller program
  • Realize min. 20 orders in the last 30 days
  • Complete the numbers with min. 80% of shipments on declared dates within the last 30 days
  • Have no more than 0.02% of unresolved discussions (max. 20) over orders in the last 30 days
  • In the last 30 days, do not note any warnings or blockades for violating Allegro’s regulations

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