Meet the most popular e-Commerce platforms in Poland! (2021)

According to the Senuto report “eCommerce Report in Poland 2021”, certain platforms dominate in Poland. These are both foreign and Polish e-commerce platforms. When it comes to the top 3 of the most popular platforms, the trend does not change year to year.

Which platform is the most popular in Poland? As it turns out, WooCommerce is unrivaled – a free extension for WordPress. With its flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores in the world – more than any other platform. As you can see, this platform is also a leader on the Polish market.

Some changes in popularity may occur only in less popular solutions. The analysis shows that the most popular e-commerce platforms in Poland are:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. PrestaShop
  3. Shoper

The greatest popularity of the WooCommerce platform has been recorded in small e-shops. Medium-sized stores chose PrestaShop or Shoper as the most popular solution. The largest e-commerce platforms were built on Magento software.

The popularity in this sense results from the fact that the Magento platform is used in the case of very large online stores that have at least tens of thousands of products and specific needs with requirements.

It is a more expensive solution and there are definitely fewer such large e-commerce customers in Poland.

MVP – the minimum needed to start selling online.

If you are just starting your adventure with the online store, try to implement and test the basic functions of the e-store. We refer here to the so-called MVP in English means Minimum Viable Product. In e-commerce, MVP stands for a minimally market-ready platform.

When planning an online store, it is important to have a detailed analysis and development plans. Let’s not allow too many presentations and documents to be created. This will not allow us to implement our store quickly, and we are almost always subject to time pressure.

Everyone wants to start selling online as soon as possible. Therefore, we suggest you implement the basic functions. During the testing phase, it will be possible to determine which functionalities should be developed and which are worth investing in.

Websites that cannot break through key phrases in the search engine related to products or categories, they can still fight for high positions for phrases related to gaining knowledge. This may turn out to be crucial especially in the initial stage of store development

Additional costs related to e-commerce

Implementation costs are not everything. In the following months, you should plan expenses related to the subscription for the use of specific software modules or monthly maintenance and service costs. Don’t try to create an Amazon-like store right away.

All you need is an intuitive store with a minimum of important basic functions to increase sales.

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