Parcel machines from Allegro? It is already happening

Green, ecological, perfectly integrated into the surroundings … It’s here! The first parcel machines from Allegro. This is one of the first (and certainly not the last) installations in Poland.

Allegromaty ? – This is just our association of the name with the already existing network of machines dispensing parcels in Poland. We still don’t know what the new service will be called. Certainly, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the protection of the environment and beauty in the materials that can be found.

The future market for parcel machines in Poland will change. We sincerely hope that the new services will have a positive impact on costs for sellers and buyers, and greater market competition.

So many questions and so few answers – today we can only speculate

Allegro launches the first parcel machines in Poland. Further changes in supply chains and logistics services have been announced. Is this an introduction to great changes in the European marketplace? Is Allegro planning expansion to the west? After Amazon entered Poland, there had to be changes in the offer. Are we just seeing how the future of online sales is changing?

Is this a new dimension in parcel handling?

The idea itself is not innovative. This is a copy of the service offered in Poland by InPost. At the same time, we suspect that the new machines are to further strengthen the Allegro’s leadership position.

InPost is still the main partner for deliveries by parcel machines for Allegro. Are new machines supposed to complement the offer or are there coming changes in the parcel flow?

Currently, the position of InPost is not threatened, but there are more and more companies willing to have their own network of parcel machines. Orlen and Poczta Polska announced similar services not so long ago. However, at the moment, it is just an announcement that customers probably do not expect.

Most customers in Poland prefer to pick up a parcel close to their home or workplace, not necessarily drive to a machine located at a petrol station.

However, the parcel machines themselves are not enough. Behind the Allegro project must be comprehensive warehouse and logistics support.

Is this a clear sign that Allegro will invest heavily in a model known, for example, from Amazon?

Until now, Allegro has not offered the sale of products created “on demand”, but nothing stands in the way of implementing such a solution.

Allegro: Our own network of parcel machines will shorten the delivery time, increase convenience and improve the shopping experience on Allegro

Fragment of the Allegro press release:

We are starting the implementation of the previously announced plan to build a network of Allegro collection points and parcel machines. We have “planted” the first machines in Poznań and Warsaw, and in the coming days more will appear in Łódź, Toruń and Wrocław. We expect to achieve adequate density in these cities this fall, which will allow us to add Allegro parcel machines to the delivery methods on our platform. According to the schedule, by December we will make 1500 machines available to customers, and ultimately we are planning many more of them. said Grzegorz Czapski, Business Development Officer at Allegro.

In addition to such basic aspects as location security and proximity to customers, we also take into account environmental considerations and how the devices blend in with the environment. In addition, we make sure that people with disabilities can use them without any problems.

Currently, as much as 80% of shipments ordered on Allegro reach customers within 1-2 days, thanks to the largest network in Poland, with over 31,000 collection points and parcel machines. With the growing number of buyers and the increasing frequency of online purchases, Allegro invests in its own logistics solutions.

The first stage of building our own collection point network was the launch of Allegro Points, thanks to which customers can collect their parcels from 600 Kolporter stores.

In the second half of the year, the company also plans to launch a logistics service for sellers, which will include comprehensive order handling – incl. storing goods, packing and sending shipments, as well as handling returns. Free shipping with Allegro Smart! already available in most offers, allows the company to improve the offer of the so-called last mile.

Free shipping with Allegro Smart! already available in most offers, allows the company to improve the offer of the so-called last mile.

Is this the beginning of the Allegor vs Amazon war?

On the one hand, Allegro is strengthening its leading position. Certainly, by building a network of vending machines, it will increase the availability of orders and quick shipments.

On the other hand, it may indicate that the Polish giant is starting an even more serious expansion, not only in terms of marketing.

The implementation of logistics services is a clear preparation for the offer directed by the Amazon brand. Already today, many companies use Amazon’s warehouses, you can guess that many companies will also use Allegro’s warehouses.

We can safely say that the coming years will be a big change in handling sales on marketplace platforms. Changes on the marketplace in Poland are also good news for our company. New sales opportunities are diversification and development of the “Sell in Poland” offer provided to our clients. As always, we follow new trends on the Polish e-commerce market to help our clients even better. There are new challenges and great changes in logistics and after-sales services – said Marcin Ożarek, co-founder of

Will Allegro Europe be created? Is it also an introduction to the development of the Polish brand on the European market? Nothing is excluded and the changes introduced may be the beginning of a great expansion of the Polish brand online.

Start selling in Poland

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We will advise, suggest and implement sales on Allegro.

Image source: Allegro press release