Support for customers in Poland

Customer support

E-commerce customer service by an external company is a huge convenience. Once the cooperation is established, we offer the support of experienced specialists who will guide the contact with customers in the best possible way.

We handle email correspondence, answer phone calls, etc. When customers have any questions or concerns or need advice, we efficiently serve them.

With our professional customer service team, you will gain highly qualified, committed and efficient employees for your company. Once trained for your product, our specialists will provide top-notch service to your customers, giving you a competitive edge and increasing sales.

We build customer relationships

Our team is the first point of contact for any questions from customers. Your customer contacts our customer service department via phone, chat, email or sales platform communication channels. We answer all customer questions, handle complaints and if necessary, our specialists resolve technical issues.

We take all complaints very seriously and help turn negative customer experiences into positive ones. Friendly and qualified staff will help your company strengthen customer relationships. Complaint management includes, but is not limited to, responding to ratings and reviews, completing and optimizing FAQs, supporting logistics processes and obtaining positive reviews from customers.

Customer experience is a very important source of information that helps improve customer service and product quality. We document and analyze customer feedback and suggestions for improvement and include them in our reports.


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