Where Polish consumers were looking for information about products in 2020?

We already know the behavior of e-commerce customers in 2020. We know how the trends on the Polish internet market are changing. How will this affect your business and products? Is it time to analyze and change the promotion?

The market changes from year to year. As you can see, in 2020, we recorded a significant increase in the popularity of product comparison websites as a source of information about products. But let’s not reveal at the beginning how the statistics looked like.

Where Polish consumers were looking for information about products?

According to the results of the report “Omni-commerce. I buy conveniently “created by the Chamber of Electronic Economy and Mobile Institute, consumers search for information about the product through:

  • brand / store website (24%)
  • price comparison websites (23%)
  • auction sites (20%)
  • search engines (20%)
  • mobile application (16%)
  • internet forums (13%)
  • fanpage (10%)
  • mailing (7%)
  • blogs / vlogs (6%)

Price comparison websites are almost as often used by customers to search for information about a product as store pages.

Is it surprising or obvious?

New channels for reaching the end customer (for B2C) are constantly being created. Some channels stop working, giving new players on the internet market a chance to show off.

Comparison engines are still expanding reaching the end customer. It seems to be nothing new, but this is the moment to implement new tools to support our sales in the coming years.

The future is not exactly known to us. The reality changes so quickly that sometimes modern solutions stop working overnight.

But nothing remains in a vacuum. Some people get richer and others disappear from the market. The most important thing is to follow your path and react quickly to changes.

If someone asked us in 2019 what the development of distribution and logistics would look like in 2021 – we certainly did not expect such a dynamic development.

This and next year are marked by changes in the service of large players on the e-commerce market.

There is no question, the best time to enter Poland with products is 2021. Next year, the entry threshold may be even twice as high. Is your company ready to develop and conquer new markets?

Does your company want to enter the Polish market? Feel free to contact us – we will help and answer bothering questions related to the expansion to the Polish market.