Why ecommerce is so successful in difficult times?

The Covid pandemic is an amazing opportunity for eCommerce. Physical stores record huge losses, electronic stores do not keep up with the execution of orders. Moving your business to the web is a great chance for profit.

We work! More and more companies are thinking about entering the Polish market. The last 2 years have seen a great increase in online sales and changes in customer habits.

Over 73% of Polish residents declared that they shop online. Of which 85% of people confirm that they will not stop shopping online after the pandemic ends.

The internet works and sells

A large proportion of customers are still concerned about their health, which translates into giving up shopping in physical stores. This is a great opportunity for broadly understood Internet channels.

Because the internet works, and it does it well, fueling the sales of companies around the world. It is resistant to pandemics, natural disasters and allows you to extend global roars without physical infrastructure.

Restricting access to shopping centers and local stores resulted in increased sales through electronic channels. In these difficult times, “classic” sales channels limit employment, and modern ones do not keep up with the execution of orders.

Large online stores are looking for new employees to cope with the implementation of incoming orders. Currently, online sales are gaining enormous popularity again. Without leaving home, we can choose the goods, buy them and wait for them to be delivered to our door.

The Internet brings you closer to your customers

In times of crisis, it’s very hard. But you have to act wisely and use every opportunity. Especially if our company has not been the “king of the Internet” so far. This is the moment when you need to consider the possibilities of increasing sales, which can save our company in such difficult times.

We recently worked for a local grocery store that implemented its mini online sales channel. You could order goods from the shelves without leaving your home. At the same time, the store delivered goods to customers in the immediate vicinity. The payment was made on-line and the purchase did not require us to leave the house.

Ecommerce is growing at a great pace … COVID-19 has driven global online sales

Online sales have made their way into world markets for good. New e-commerce markets are emerging, new payment methods and ways to promote and increase sales. Currently, we are facing great challenges, but also a chance for incredible growth in global sales.

It not only grew during the pandemic, but is still growing. It is not hard to wonder why we will do most of our purchases remotely in the future. Ecommerce abolished not only gaming, but also became the easiest access to products and services.

Today, no one is surprised by online sales of cars. Virtual salons are gaining more and more popularity and sales are growing.

What else can we sell on the Internet? Practically everything.

Can you sell it online?

Well, what products can you sell online? Nowadays, most of the products and services can be offered via electronic channels. Each industry faces the challenge of online contact with the customer. If you cannot move your sales to the Internet now, then you are in big trouble.

When stores are closed and customers choose an offer available on the Internet. Local companies have great potential in organizing sales to the closest customers. They can offer their services and goods locally. Thanks to this, the execution of orders can be instant.

It is the same with knowledge. For example, we can start selling our book or projects via an online store or website. This will allow us to organize the purchase when our customers cannot come to us physically.

The new sales channel will provide an increase in sales and, for many, the generation of the only sales in times of a pandemic.

What solutions can be implemented?

We can implement many actions, there are no right or wrong choices here. Today we will deal with quick solutions that we can implement in just a few days. Of course, they will not be as perfect as large platforms, but they will be much cheaper and we will miss several months of building time.

Company website – a simple company website with a blog and an offer. Thanks to the presentation of the offer, we can get closer to customers. The implementation time is even 2 business days.

Product landing page – this is probably the best solution when we only have a few products. Let’s present our product, present its most important features and start quick on-line sales. If you choose this way of presenting the product, take care of appropriate descriptions, graphic design and advertising that generates traffic.

Dedicated online store – a simple online store, we can fire up in 3-5 business days. It is the best solution for a large number of products. Of course, it will not be a perfect solution as a dedicated system, but it will help to quickly propose an on-line distribution channel when we need it.

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